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RTM success for Royal Tunbridge Wells apartments

Friday 17th May 2013

Richard Beau Nash Apartments, Tunbridge Wells.

In December 2012, a majority of the leaseholders of the Richard Beau Nash Apartments, a development of 26 apartments built in a style to reflect the town´s historic past, instructed the RTMF to acquire the right to manage their building. They were keen to acquire RTM to enable them to appoint a local managing agent, and replace the Landlord´s Worcester based agent.

On 6 February the RTMF served a Notice of Claim on the landlord, and in reply received a letter from Freehold Managers PLC confirming that the RTM claim will not be opposed.

Malcolm Flanagan, Director of the RTM commented:-

“Starting the Right to Manage journey can be daunting for leaseholders. But the Right to Manage Federation (RTMF) in Uckfield guided us superbly through the difficult early stages in a friendly, authoritative and helpful manner. They clarified legal matters with useful emails and phone calls. And in the end costs were reasonable. I would recommend them to help you get past the finishing line with time to spare and making the process more than manageable. Unleash the RTMF and find a good local management agent.”