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Regent Court finally get their wish

Tuesday 4th March 2014

Regent Court, Plymouth.

Court of Appeal success has finally allowed Regent Court RTM Co Ltd to take control of the future management of the Regent Court, Plymouth. Guided by the RTMF and following a process of competitive tender, the RTM company have chosen to appoint the Kingsdale Group to manage the premises on their behalf from 1st March 2014.

Kingsdale’s Managing Director, William Butchart Commented:

“Kingsdale is very pleased to have been appointed to manage Regent Court, and we will be working very hard to ensure that owners are happy with what we do. We believe it is absolutely right that the people who receive and pay for services had the opportunity to select the company that would subsequently be responsible for providing those services.

This empowerment of leaseholders is a fundamental and long-overdue change to the prevailing Landlord/Tenant relationship.”