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RTM liberates leaseholders in South East London

Friday 17th May 2013

19 Ullswater Rd, West Norwood, London.

In May 2011, all three leaseholders of 19 Ullswater Road, South East London instructed the RTMF to acquire the right to manage of their building. Advising that they wished to take on the management responsibilities themselves as the property has just three flats.

On the 7 June 2011 the RTMF served the Notice of Claim, giving until 14 July 2013 to respond with a counter-notice if the claim was disputed. On the 18 July the RTMF emailed the landlord´s agent, Trust Property Management as nothing had been heard, to which Trust replied enclosing correspondence dated 12 July admitting our client´s right to manage.

The RTM Company has now been managing the property since October 2011, and in a recent email Wayne Judd, director of the RTM Company commented:

“Taking on the right to manage has been liberating to say the least. We now have total control over how our property is managed and are saving heaps of money. Not only have we saved on the management fee and sundry other expenses, but we have cut our insurance premium to almost a third of what we were paying under the freeholder´s agents. Thank you RTMF”