Right to Manage for
Private Residential Flats

If you own a leasehold flat and are experiencing landlord problems, high service charges or your building is suffering from mismanagement, RTMF can help.

We offer a bespoke right to manage service offering a fixed cost solution with no hidden extras. We accept instructions from leaseholders, managing agents and Right to Manage companies that have previously tried and failed the RTM process.

Right to Manage for Private Residential Flats

Flat owners all over the country are turning to Right to Manage as the best solution to achieving high standards and increased value for money.

If your flat is in a converted house or small block you may consider self management through your jointly owned Right to Manage company. In a larger block you can use the RTM company to appoint your own managing agent by competitive tender.

It's your legal right...

Parliament passed this legislation to help flat owners like you. It is not necessary to prove fault by your landlord or to pay any compensation. It really is that simple!

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