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If you own a leasehold flat, it is your legal right to choose who manages your property.

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Our skilled team offers 15 years of unsurpassed expertise and experience in this specialised field of law.

The RTMF has acquired RTM for thousands of flat owners throughout England and Wales from converted houses of 2 flats to large multi-block estates comprising hundreds of luxury apartments.

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Avoid the pitfalls, for an impartial RTM service you can rely on…Come to us first!

We have represented hundreds of leaseholders at tribunals, winning landmark cases that have helped shape the future of Right to Manage.

RTMF offer a truly independent service including a bespoke no-cost service to help retired leaseholders exercise RTM. We do not manage properties ourselves but acting as neutral advisers we help you select a manager of your own democratic choosing.

RTMF acquired the Right to Manage for Century Wharf, a development of 967 flats in Cardiff, making it the largest RTM in history.

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Right to Manage is your legal right

Parliament passed the legislation to help flat owners like you. It is not necessary to prove fault by your landlord or management company or to pay any compensation.

As long as the criteria are met and at least half the leaseholders in your block agree to proceed your landlord cannot legally prevent the RTM process. Following the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 it is your legal right to choose your own management company.

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About Right to Manage

If you own a leasehold flat and are experiencing landlord problems, high service charges or your building is suffering from mismanagement, RTMF can help.

We offer a bespoke right to manage service offering a fixed cost solution with no hidden extras. We accept instructions from leaseholders, managing agents and Right to Manage companies that have previously tried and failed the RTM process.

Flat owners all over the country are turning to Right to Manage as the best solution to achieving high standards and increased value for money.

If your flat is in a converted house or small block you may consider self management through your jointly owned Right to Manage company. In a larger block you can use the RTM company to appoint your own managing agent by competitive tender.

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How Right to Manage works

In order to be eligible for the Right to Manage (RTM) both the property / block and the applicant leaseholders must meet a statutory criteria. RTM only applies to leaseholder owners of flats and not to leasehold houses or bungalows.

The property / block will qualify if they consist of a structurally detached building or part of a building that can be served independently, they contain two or more flats held by qualifying tenants, and at least two-thirds of the flats are leased to qualifying tenants.

The property or block will not qualify if more than 25% of the floor area is non-residential, if there are self-contained parts owned by different landlords, if it is a property owned by the local authority, or it is a building of four or less flats with one flat being occupied by the landlord as his principle home.

A qualifying tenant is a leaseholder whose lease was originally granted for a period exceeding 21 years. Where a flat is being let under two or more long leases, a tenant that holds the superior lease is not the qualifying tenant.

Right to manage costs

Our standard costs for RTM is a base charge of £500, plus £75 multiplied by the number of flats in the applicant block plus VAT.

If there are multiple blocks applying it is now a legal requirement to form one RTM Company for each block even if it is intended that a single company is appointed to manage all the blocks. The overall fee for a multi-block estate applying for RTM for all blocks is a base fee of £500 for the first block plus £100 per additional block plus £75 multiplied by the total number of flats in all the blocks. (Note you must still have more than 50% supporting in each individual block)

If the Claim is disputed and it is necessary to make applications to the First-tier Tribunal or the Court, the cost of professional representation is subject to an additional charge, usually about £1,500. This may increase by agreement in complex cases.

RTM Costs for Retirement Blocks

Under our subsidised scheme the RTM process is potentially free to all leaseholders. The democratically selected MA agrees to pay the RTM cost and the fee paid by each participating leaseholder is fully refunded on completion of the process.