Our success is widespread with over 600 Right to Manage acquisitions across England and Wales.

The following maps showcase our Right to Manage achievements for blocks and developments ranging in size from 2 flats to large multi-block estates.

It is our unrivalled success with larger developments that demonstrates our expertise in Right to Manage (see table). This includes Century Wharf in Cardiff, which to date is the largest RTM that has ever been achieved. 

Property Location No of Flats
Century Wharf Cardiff 967
Metro Central Heights Newington Causeway 422
Q Studios Stoke-on-Trent 292
Seren Park Gardens Blackheath 277
Herons and Sovereigns Quays Bedford 175
Platinum House Harrow 165
Aragon Tower Deptford 160
Laurel Court Norwich 138

The table above shows just some of the larger leasehold developments that have successfully achieved Right to Manage with RTMF

Right To Manage Acquisitions

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Leasehold properties currently in the Right to Manage process with RTMF

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