Applying for Right to Manage with RTMF is simple!

RTM Application
Right to Manage Application

Below is a step-by-step guide to making your application.

The easiest way to proceed with your Right to Manage claim is to use our online application service. The procedure is simple and includes the setup of your own RTM account.

The first step is the completion of your Application Form. The form requires basic information about yourself, your property and any potential director’s of the RTM company.

After submitting the application form you will be automatically directed to the RTM account setup page. All you need to supply to setup your account is an email/username and a password.

Once you have submitted details you will be sent a verification email. Just click the link in the email to verify your details and your account is activated.

Once logged in to your account you will have access to your list builder for the consenting leaseholders. For each consenting leaseholder you will need to enter their name, flat number and email address.

On completion of the list you can submit the list to our database. ( You need consent from at least 50% of all leaseholders in each block to qualify. ) Each leaseholder in the list will then automatically receive an email that gives access to their online consent form. ( Note: If there are leaseholders that wish to participate after you have submitted the list, just contact RTMF with their details and we can add them to the list. )

Once they have completed their consent form they will be redirected to payment details for their contribution towards the RTM Costs which is automatically calculated proportionately between each consenting leaseholder.

You can now login to your account and view the consent list and monitor the progress of consent and payment form the leaseholders in the list, as well as the status of your RTM Claim.

RTMF will have access to your Application and will offer full support if you have problems with the process.

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What Our Customers Say

RTMF is a company which clearly knows its field inside out. They are friendly and responsive and have supported us with RTM-related advice above and beyond the Claim itself. I recommend their services unreservedly.

We were very pleased to find a firm with enough technical expertise, strategic skills and dogged determination to see our Right to Manage process through to completion.

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