Largest ever Right To Manage achieved by RTMF

Century Wharf, Cardiff

The Right to Manage Federation has achieved its biggest ever RTM at a Peverel managed development of 967 luxury apartments known as Century Wharf, Cardiff. This eclipses England’s biggest RTM, the prestigious Metro Central Heights, a block of 422 flats in the Elephant & Castle, London completed by the RTMF in 2012.

The Century Wharf development comprises nineteen buildings divided into thirty five self-contained units, confusingly known as houses. Following numerous site visits the RTMF formed three RTM companies in October 2012, one for each freehold title.

Over 500 members were secured across the three companies, with the required 50% or more in each of the nineteen buildings. Credit must also go to the directors and committee based in Cardiff for their tireless work in building the substantial membership.

During February and March 2013 nineteen Claim Notices were issued, one for each of the buildings on the site. Each of these notices received a Counter-Notice challenging the right to manage on several grounds, including the right of one RTM Company to manage multiple buildings.

A Tribunal hearing in Cardiff in November 2013 was adjourned pending an Upper Tribunal decision on whether one RTM Company can manage multiple premises. At the reconvened hearing in March 2014 the Tribunal decided that the Upper Tribunal Decision in the case of Ninety Broomfield Road confirmed that our solicitor’s submissions were correct, and therefore in its Decision of May 2014 determined all three RTM Companies were entitled to RTM.


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