Over 1600 Peverel Retirement flats go Right to Manage

Ex-peverel Retirement Estates

To date the RTMF have been instructed at more than 35 developments managed by Peverel Retirement.

Over the course of the last 9 years the RTMF have been invited to meet with many estates managed by Peverel. A vast majority of these estates have engaged the RTMF to act on their behalf immediately to acquire their RTM, a few returning to us after a couple of years, having given “Customer Charters” and the like the benefit of the doubt.

In 2011 the RTMF met with leaseholders at a retirement development in Balsall Common, Coventry, where the incumbent agent was Peverel. The RTMF were invited to give a presentation on RTM to all leaseholders in the residents´ lounge. On becoming aware of our visit, Peverel offered to set up the RTM company and meet the costs associated with it, in exchange for a management agreement. Whilst we have seen this tactic adopted at other developments, we are unaware of any other estates visited by the RTMF taking up this offer.

A few weeks ago we received a call from the retirement estate for advice, as following the issue of the notice of claim Peverel received a counter-notice from the landlord, Fairhold Homes (NO.13), citing various grounds regarding the service of notices. Subsequently the estate advised us the Peverel have now withdrawn their legal support following pressure from the landlord, resigning as corporate secretary and transferring the Registered Office to the House Managers office.

The RTMF have now been appointed to act on behalf of the RTM company. The RTMF have assumed the role of Corporate Secretary and are now providing the registered office for the RTM company. We look forward to working with the directors of the RTM company, and finally achieving RTM for the premises.


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